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Tools Small Businesses and Startups Can Use For Their Social Media Channels

By Jaime Horenstein, Social Media Strategist At Wanashaker we work closely with small businesses and startups to help build their brands. One sentiment we often hear is that managing social media channels can be time consuming, tedious and often falls toward the end of the to-do list. Here are some tips and tricks to help your business stay on target with your social media marketing! 1. Set It But Don’t Forget It Planning your social media content in advance is...

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Digital Marketing on a Budget

By Elise LaChapelle, Director, Operations & Business Development Digital marketing is a vast landscape, and it can be hard for a start-up to know where to begin when budget is limited. By following our four tips listed below, you can take advantage of all that digital marketing has to offer at a spend level that works for you. 1.  Not all platforms are created equal. Social media advertising offers tremendous scale, but some platforms may be a better...