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Wanashaker Client Case Studies

Developing unique, tailored strategies to help our clients succeed
Wanashaker has helped an established Travel brand with their marketing efforts

Case Study #1: Established Travel Brand

The Wanashaker Approach

To determine the best course of action for Client 1, we utilized a holistic plan – first examining the brand’s website & digital assets and creating a comprehensive audit.

While Client 1 had created strong, aesthetically engaging assets, we were able to identify some quick win opportunities as well as longer term, higher effort optimizations.

Additionally, despite some client hesitation per previous experiences, we collaboratively strategized a paid search campaign – creating a robust, clearly defined testing schedule as well as a search submission with multiple ad copy variations; Over the course of 30 days, we planned to rotate all messaging and use data metrics to determine top performers.

The Results & Learnings

Our SEO audit identified multiple opportunities to enhance organic visibility – starting with applying proper on-site tagging.

3 months after implementation, the site began appearing within the SERPs for 100+ keywords it had not previously ranked for.

1 month after implementation, optimizations for the Google Shopping campaign resulted in a 51% increase in impression volume as well as a 41% increase in sale conversions.

In its first month, the Wanashaker paid search campaign drove over 700 conversions, and helped identify top performing messaging themes to further direct client marketing strategy.

Key Success Factor: Collaboration

We believe that all good work should be collaborative, and this begins with education.  We never want our teammates to feel confused or out of the loop.  This was particularly important for Client 1. By taking the time to on-board them to best practices, we were able to work hand in hand as teammates.

Case Study: Client #1

Established Travel Brand

Client 1 came to us with an interesting challenge: In a cluttered online category, how could they break through the competition to appear higher AND more frequently in search results?

On top of this – they hoped to gain some insight about marketing language – which copy would resonate best with customers, and could paid search actually prove to be a profitable strategy for them?

Despite previous investments in digital strategies, our clients were confused about why they weren’t showing in search results. Luckily, that’s our specialty!

Case Study #2: Mid-Sized Luxury Product Brand

The Wanashaker Approach

For Client 2’s first foray into paid digital marketing, we utilized a test and learn model.

Starting with paid search, we launched branded and unbranded campaigns to determine: the search terms that were most effective, the messaging themes that resonated best, insights about our audience (age, gender, interests).

After one month, per these learnings and insights, we adjusted our campaigns to maximize performance.

Additionally, we used what we had learned from paid search to launch remarketing and paid social campaigns.

The Results & Learnings

Over the course of 3 months, paid search proved to be a top driver of traffic to the site – generating 38% of total traffic.

Paid search was also the top conversion driver – generating 32% of total conversion sales (ahead of organic and direct traffic).

Facebook campaigns drove strong awareness – reaching over 113k users.

Using data generated via the initial campaign, Wanashaker was able to implement look-alike audiences to drive additional awareness among audiences most likely to convert.

Key Success Factor: Testing

We believe that data tells a story and that story can help us uncover valuable learnings and insights that shape our digital strategies.  Client 2’s openness and willingness towards testing allowed us the time and metrics needed to determine the most efficient, effective ways to execute our strategies and it certainly paid off.

Case Study: Client #2

Mid-Sized Luxury Product Brand

Client 2 was unique – they had generated high sales numbers and built a strong brand following despite having never spent any money on advertising.  Armed with a new website and new digital assets, Client 2 was ready to try digital marketing with the main goals of driving awareness, consideration, and sales amongst new customers.

Entering a crowded digital space for the first time can be tricky – but with a creative, strategic testing plan in place, early data trends can reveal learnings & insights that will help steer the campaign. Good thing we love data!

Case Study #3: Start-Up Clothing Brand

The Wanashaker Approach

For Client 3, we were starting brand new – with no previous history or learnings to guide us – which allowed us to get creative in our approach.

Wanashaker compiled an innovative paid search campaign – using traditional category keywords, as well as more niche terms that had been identified during the keyword research phase.

Additionally, unique, defining, out of the box messaging – which would later be used across all digital channels – was created and rotated.

The Results & Learnings

In 1 month, search generated nearly 40k impressions and 600+ visitors to the new brand site.

Using the data generated from the paid search campaign, Wanashaker was able to compile a robust insight share-out detailing top messaging themes, target audience demographics & interests, top search terms, seasonality opportunities, on-site content opportunities, and remarketing lists.

The above insights heavily shaped future paid & social strategies, as well as on-site content development.

Key Success Factor: Creativity

Like the brands we work with, we believe in shaking up the space. Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  Working with Client 3, we saw firsthand that sometimes finding the right ways to connect with your audience requires creativity – something that larger brands oftentimes take for granted.

Case Study: Client #3

Start-Up Clothing Brand

There was a lot riding on Client 3’s challenge.  They were a brand new company in a very crowded, very competitive space with the primary goal of generating awareness & interest – buzz and chatter around the cool, new company in town – while intercepting customers from a huge, well recognized competitor.

How can a new brand take on a giant?  You just have to get a little creative.